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About the Center

* Founded in 1991 and began injecting the arteries feeding liver tumors and thermal frequency to eliminate the tumors of the liver and lung and within one year added to the center of many unique services, which is unique to the center in Egypt is a water suction cartilage of the back and evaporation Cartilage cartilage and treat the pain of the spine thermal frequency as well as treatment of sclerosis The catheter

* The center includes a large number of consultants interventional radiology and neurosurgery, prostate enlargement, anesthesia and intensive care in Alexandria, Kuwait and Cairo, and obtaining a doctorate and British fellowship.

* Over 20,000 Egyptians have been treated for cancerous liver tumors.

* Over 1000 cases of limited intervention.

*Patients from all over the world from the United States, England, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Sudan, Libya, Lebanon, UAE, Qatar and Syria have been treated at the Center.

* The center is equipped with the latest medical devices (German wolf telescope, the world's newest telescope to remove cartilage and expand the nerve) to ensure the most accurate diagnosis and the best result.

* The first specialized center for interventional radiology in Egypt and the Middle East.

* The center is contracted to health insurance in Alexandria, the lake, Kafr El-Sheikh and Western to treat liver tumors and many interventions under the radiology.

* The Center treats cancerous tumors with limited intervention without surgery, treatment of the spine and treatment of the pain of all cancerous tumors.



Prevention of back pain

Back pain



Tumor Ablation

Tumor Ablation





4d ultrasound

4D Ultrasound

Varicocele Elmbolization


Inferior vena cava filter

Varicose veins