A Permacath insertion is the placement of a special IV line into the blood vessel in your neck or upper chest just under the collarbone. This type of catheter is used for short-term dialysis treatment. The catheter is then threaded into the right side of your heart (right atrium). The procedure involves creating a tunnel under the skin to thread the other portion of the catheter out through the skin. This tunneling process greatly reduces the risk of an infection and allows the catheter to remain in for a long period of time (one-12 months). The procedure involves complete sterility and the physician, nurse and X-ray tech will wear a mask, sterile gown and lead apron. A nurse will start an IV in your hand or arm and complete the history questionnaire. You will be given sedation through the IV, and the physician will scrub the area on the right or left chest or neck with a Chlorhexadine solution. The physician will ask you to turn your head to the other side while he places a drape over your face and neck to keep the area sterile. The physician will numb your skin with Lidocaine and you will be asked throughout the procedure if you are having any pain. Please tell the nurse or physician and more sedation and pain medication will be given. You will feel some pressure on your neck. The procedure will take 15-45 minutes. After the procedure, a dressing will be applied to cover the insertion site.